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Located in Farmington, CT. We proudly serve central Connecticut, including: Avon, Burlington, Cheshire, Cromwell, East Granby, East Windsor, Glastonbury, Granby, Middletown, Newington, Plainville, Rocky Hill, Simsbury, Southington, South Windsor, Weathersfield, West Hartford, West Simsbury, Windsor, and Windsor Locks.

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Old gutters? Damaged gutters? Our crews can make quick work of a replacement anywhere in Central CT.

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Looking for a "Gutter Contractor Near Me?"

Hiring a gutter contractor in Farmington, CT isn’t typically thought of as the most exciting home renovation task… but we’re here to tell you that your gutters are the unrecognized heroes of home protection. They not only help prevent water from building up and damaging your roof and foundation, but provide a number of benefits most homeowners are completely unaware of. For instance, by guiding the water away from your home, a proper gutter installation can help minimize or eliminate mosquito populations in your yard. Properly installed gutters also help prevent mold, erosion, and flooding. So, while they might not be the most glamorous part of your home, they certainly are one of the hardest working.

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When you hire a gutter company in Farmington, CT for an installation it will be measured in linear feet. This will often determine the overall cost of your project. We’ll help guide you through the variety of options, materials, and style choices available to you today. We provide a thorough, upfront estimate, and we’re proud to say that thanks to that detailed investigation, we’re able to stick to our quotes with a 99.5% success rate – meaning no unexpected change orders and new expenses. We know that no matter why you’re choosing to upgrade, install, or replace your gutters, you want to make sure you work with a company you can trust. Call us today if you already know we’re the gutter contractor in Farmington, CT you want to hire… or read more on this site to learn about the Silverline Restoration reputation we’re so proud of!

One of the biggest benefits of working with Silverline Restoration for your gutter installation is that we manufacture our gutters in-house. They’re seamless, and use .032 gauge – the heaviest gauge you can put on a home.

That means your gutters are stronger, more dent resistant to things coming down from on them (like branches, acorns!). We also use hidden brackets, which are much stronger, far less likely to come loose, and obviously… since you they’re hidden, you don’t see them! That’s the benefit of hiring the top gutter company in Farmington, CT.

Say Goodbye to Clogged Gutters!

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Hire the Top Gutter Company in Farmington, CT!

A properly installed gutter system should last between 20 and 50 years if done by a reputable gutter contractor in Farmington, CT. If you’re seeing leaks, rust, flaking paint, gutters pulling away from hangers then it may be time to replace your gutter system. Take a look at your gutters on a rainy day, if possible, to get a rough idea of their condition – if you spot water where it shouldn’t be, you know you’ve got a problem. 

Once we’ve decided to replace your gutter system and chosen the option that’s right for you, we’ll get to work removing the downspouts, move on to detaching the old gutters from the hangers, and neatly gather and remove all of the debris from the job site. As the top gutter company in Farmington, CT we’ll take time before we begin any work so we can take steps to protect your home.

We’ve proudly served central Connecticut since 2009, and while we won’t hesitate to tell you how good we are, we feel it’s best to let our customer reviews, awards, and partnerships speak for us.


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At this point, we’ll adhere to the age old saying of “measure twice, cut once.” We’ll make sure all of our measurements are accurate and square before we start preparing your gutters for installation. We’ll trim them to the right size, connect the sections, smooth out the seems, apply the end caps, and then put those preassembled sections in place. 

We’ll make sure your gutters are hanged with the right slope, and then finally install any flashing necessary for additional protection. These combined steps help to ensure your gutters are not only properly installed and ready to protect your home, but also that they’ll last for a long time to come – which is our goal as a gutter contractor in Farmington, CT.

Financing Options: 

If your gutters were damaged by a storm or some other unexpected natural disaster, we understand that you might not have a budget to replace them. As a gutter contractor in Farmington, CT we hear it all the time.

We don’t want to see you delay the replacement of your gutter system, because it can lead to long term damage to your foundation, issues with mold, and many more serious problems. We’ve partnered with a variety of third party lending partners so we can provide options for most types of credit and income. Our interest rates vary based on the lender program and other factors, so we’re not able to provide detailed information regarding rates on our website. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to discuss the pre-approval or approval process for your new gutter installation! Click here for our payment calculator.

"Extremely happy with Silverline’s quality and attention to detail and I would highly recommend them to anyone who asks. They did what they promised when they promised."
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Looking for a "Gutter Contractor Near Me?"

The top gutter contractor in Farmington, CT since 2009! we won’t hesitate to tell you how good we are, we feel it’s best to let our customer reviews, awards, and partnerships speak for us.


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Say Goodbye to Clogged Gutters!

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