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Reroof VS Tearoff - What's the Difference?

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Should You Get a Roof Tearoff or an Overlay?

When you need a roof replacement due to age or the elements, it’s a great opportunity to improve your home’s appearance and protection. With so many variables that can damage your roofing materials, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need a new roof.

With the need for replacement comes the option of an overlay or a tearoff. The latter will provide you with all the benefits of a new roof. However, if you’re constrained by a budget and your existing roof is in good condition, then a roof overlay may be a more practical choice for you.

Even if you just want to upgrade your roofing after a while, our experts at Silverline Restoration, Inc. can inspect your roof and recommend the best option. Give us a call today when you’re ready for an estimate!

Consider a Roof Tearoff

Tearing off the previous materials of your roofing and installing new ones means you’ll have a durable roof to protect you. There are many benefits that come with a roof tearoff that make it worth considering, like:

  1. Fresh materials. All components of your roofing system will be replaced with new materials. This will solve any issues related to weakened or damaged decking or underlayment. It will also give our experts a chance to identify and mend any potential leaks, which safeguards your entire home from issues like mold and rot.
  2. Increased longevity. Proper asphalt shingle roof installation by our team can last for 2 or 3 decades.
  3. Better durability. A roof constructed entirely of new materials will have a longer lifespan compared to a roof that’s endured exposure to the elements for at least 10 years. During a tearoff, we can conduct a thorough inspection of all components of your roof. By making any necessary roof repairs to handle any potential issues before they cause significant damage, we can further improve the lifespan of your new roof installation.
  4. Perfect time to upgrade. There’s a possibility that the previous construction on your home used subpar materials. If you have an older home or outdated materials, you should consider upgrading your roof during a replacement. Different areas and climates can have different needs, so you might want to upgrade from oriented strand board to CDX plywood decking or go with synthetic underlayment over felt.
  5. Improved property value. A tearoff  and new roofing can substantially increase your home’s curb appeal. If you’re planning to sell your home anytime soon, you should definitely think of getting a tearoff. This is especially the case if your current roof has any leaks or is showing signs of deterioration.

The biggest con of a tearoff is that it can typically cost around 25 percent more than a roof overlay. That’s because tearing off the previous materials, inspecting the underlayment and decking for roof repairs, and installing new roofing requires more labor. 

After that, we have to dispose of the torn-off materials. If it’s time for a roof replacement or you want to upgrade, a tearoff is a great option. Our experts will inspect your roof and recommend the best choice when you call us today for an estimate!

What About an Overlay?

A roof overlay offers an affordable solution to lay new materials over your previous roofing. It’s not always an option, due to weight and local safety codes, so our experts will know whether or not to recommend it. Here are some of the benefits you get with an overlay:

  1. Reduced cost. Laying new materials over your roof without having to remove the previous roofing will obviously be faster. Between the reduced labor and not having to dispose of the used materials, an overlay is less expensive. It’s also a practical answer if you decide to get a roof replacement within the next decade. However, while you can save now, keep in mind that the added materials will cost more to remove for your replacement.
  2. Lower overall risk. There are many variables that can affect the risk of working on your roof. Whether it’s an unexpected storm throwing off the dry-in steps or falling debris harming your vehicle, there’s a lot to worry about. That’s one reason we always recommend working with professionals. All of the risks are minimized or avoided with an overlay, though.
  3. Takes less time to install. With our experience, we can generally complete an overlay days faster than a tearoff.

With so many reasons to consider an overlay, there are also a few cons that you should be aware of. Bear in mind that we’ll keep all of these factors in mind when recommending the proper service for your needs:

  1. Reduced longevity. There are a few ways that extra materials on your roof can shorten the lifespan. More materials traps heat easier, which can cause your shingles to deteriorate faster. There’s also the concern that your current materials could be damaged or rotting. Typically, you can get about 16 years with an overlay, but each one is different depending on a number of variables. 
  2. Less quality. When materials are installed over the pre-existing ones, our experts don’t get a chance to inspect the underlayment and decking. That leaves the status of your roof undetermined, which means it could be in poor condition. Our trained roofers have experience identifying common signs of leaks or water damage, but it’s not as complete as being able to see underneath.
  3. Less curb appeal. If you need a roof replacement, your previous materials are probably damaged, peeling, or cracked. Given the rough shape of those materials, the result of an overlay could be flawed even with our experience. That status can be made worse if your previous materials weren’t 3-tab shingles.
  4. Extra weight. In some cases, an overlay simply isn’t an option due to the added weight of a second layer. It could be that your home isn’t capable of handling the structural stress, or local safety codes prevent us from adding a second layer.
  5. Maintaining it can be more difficult. Any issues that arise after your overlay can be harder to locate the source, because there are two layers of materials to sort through. For example, water from a leak will have traveled different directions as it made its way through both layers.

While an overlay isn’t always an option, that doesn’t make it any less worthy of protecting your roof. When you need a roof replacement, a tearoff and an overlay are both worth considering. The first step is to have an inspection done by our professionals at Silverline Restoration, Inc.

We’ll examine the condition of your current roofing and recommend which service will work better for you. Despite the pros and cons, every roofing situation is different and the solution might not be the same. When you need an estimate, call us today!

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