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Roof Replacement in Newington CT

"The entire workforce is the best. They were quick, neat, and professional in the installation and clean-up after my roof replacement. They arrived on time and worked hard all day. My original roof was 45 years old and the second overlay was in the early 1980s. My porch was added in the 1970s. The cost was reasonable. The clean up was done quickly and thoroughly. I am very happy. . ."
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Roof Replacement

Fast Roof Replacement in Newington Ct

We’ve all dealt with roof replacement in Newington, CT and it’s not fun. Most of the time, you’re forced to sit in your home under a leaky roof while you wait for the contractor to look around,  get a quote, and finally start working. That can take days, but we do things differently here. In fact, usually we’ll have someone at your home within hours of your call.

Roof replacement in Newington, CT is our specialty. That’s why we know that the leak that you call about may be a sign of a bigger problem underneath. When we arrive to do an inspection for your property, we’ll  check for underlying damages that you may not have known about before delivering an estimate.

SIlverline Restoration, Inc. is here for your roof replacement in Newington, CT. Bring us your problems and we’ll have them patched up or replaced as soon as possible.

Roof Repair in Newington CT

We want you to have a stable roof over your head so much that we get it done fast. The next time a storm rolls through, you shouldn’t have to worry about where to place the bucket to catch water.

When it comes to roof repair in Newington, CT, insurance companies tend to be more easygoing if the damages reported are due to nature, whether it’s a build-up of moisture over the years or hail damage.

We’ve got over 10 years of knowledge under our belt and it would be a shame not to use them. That’s why our employees work alongside you to get everything taken care of.

We’ve proudly served central Connecticut since 2009, and while we won’t hesitate to tell you how good we are, we feel it’s best to let our customer reviews, awards, and partnerships speak for us.


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We’re not just any roofing contractor in Newington, CT. Knowing how much can go wrong with roofing and the amount of stress on you when things happen, we don’t want to miss anything! That’s why our contractors sift through your home for other locations of wear and tear to fix before they become a bigger problem.

As soon as we’ve gone over everything, the roof repair in Newington, CT will begin. We’ve already said that we get it done fast and we’re not lying. That’s because we, too, own homes and understand that you don’t want the headache of hammering for days on end. Our team works together to accomplish most repairs in a 24-hour period.

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The #1 Roofing Contractor in Newington Ct

Financing & Insurance

Even with all of the work covered for your roof repair in Newington, CT, you’ll still be left with the deductible. This can make the entire concept feel overwhelming for some owners.

We understand, and so does Payzer, who will meet your budget with payment options so that you can afford to get your roof replacement in Newington, CT. 

Don’t worry about your roof for another minute. Get in touch with Silverline Restoration, Inc. today and let us take care of everything for you.

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