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Protective Siding Installation In Windsor, CT

"The entire workforce is the best. They were quick, neat, and professional in the installation and clean-up after my roof replacement. They arrived on time and worked hard all day. My original roof was 45 years old and the second overlay was in the early 1980s. My porch was added in the 1970s. The cost was reasonable. The clean up was done quickly and thoroughly. I am very happy. . ."
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Roof Replacement in Avon, CT

The best way to protect your home is by keeping a strong foundation, and siding installation in Windsor, CT  will reinforce that foundation from the elements. Silverline Restoration, Inc. is here to help with that, so reach out today to get started.

What many homeowners may not realize is how much siding installation in Windsor, CT can save you in repair costs and insulation over the years. Why wouldn’t you get something that can pay itself off?

One big concern with siding installation in Windsor, CT is the aesthetic, but we’ll help to keep your desired look without paying through the roof so don’t hesitate to call us now!

What to Look For with Siding Installation In Windsor, CT

We may be one of the many companies trying to earn your business, but we also know how difficult it can be to choose when there are so many options. That’s why we want to help with a few questions to ask while looking.

  • Will they work with your budget?
  • Have they been around for a long time?
  • Are there at least 50-100 reviews?
  • What do those reviews say?
  • Do any of them specify the service you’re looking for?

We’re confident that you’ll take one look at our accolades and the abundance of positive reviews that we’ve gained since 2009 and want to hire us. Google and HomeAdvisor are great sources and show our quality satisfaction, so when you need siding installation in Windsor, CT give Silverline Restoration, Inc. a call!

We’ve proudly served central Connecticut since 2009, and while we won’t hesitate to tell you how good we are, we feel it’s best to let our customer reviews, awards, and partnerships speak for us.


A top rated Farmington roof repair contractor.

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You Have Options With Siding Installation in Windsor, CT

Some businesses like to play things close to the vest and keep you in the dark, but Silverline believes in transparency. We don’t just want your business for siding installation in Windsor, CT, but your trust as well, so we’d like to share some valuable information with you as a show of good faith.

Most homeowners like to have options when it comes to the look of their house, so it’s good to know that vinyl has a huge number of color combinations and textures available to pick from. It’s the material that more people have wanted in our years of siding work, which speaks for itself!

Another thing that people love is how little effort it takes to keep vinyl siding clean. Going back to savings, corner posts with vinyl last a long time so you won’t have to deal with constant repairs and replacements. 

Even better is the 20-year warranty that comes with a lot of materials when we do your siding installation in Windsor, CT, not to mention the possible lifetime warranty on the work. Now we love Norandex, Certainteed Cedar Impressions, and Mastic, but give us a call and we’ll be happy to use whatever manufacturer your like.

Guaranteed Satisfaction with Siding Installation In Windsor, CT

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Protect Your Wallet with Siding Installation in Windsor, CT

Let's Talk Finances

Most of the time, your siding installation in Windsor, CT will be taken care of by insurance but you’ll still be left footing the deductible. We know that one-time payment can do serious damage to your savings.

That’s the main reason that we united with Payzer to give homeowners monthly payment options to work with almost any financial situation. You deserve to be able to protect your home, so when you’re ready for siding installation in Windsor, CT give us a call for more information!

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