Add Style to Your Home's Exterior

Add Style to Your Home's Exterior

Get a custom siding installation in Farmington, CT

If you're like most homeowners, your siding may seem like a minor detail on your home's exterior. This is not the case. Proper siding can protect your home from the elements, while adding style to your space. When you need a siding installation in Farmington, Connecticut, you can count on Silverline Restoration Inc to do the job right. Our team can customize your siding to match your home's aesthetic. You can choose from styles, materials and colors to add personality to your space.

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Don't ignore siding problems

Damaged or worn siding can cause major problems for your home. It can lead to water damage, high energy bills and structural damage. How can you tell if you need a siding replacement? You may need to call a siding contractor if:

  • Your home needs to be painted frequently
  • Your energy bills are higher than normal
  • Your siding is rotting or warping
  • You notice fungus, mold or mildew growth
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