Did a Baseball Break Your Window?

Did a Baseball Break Your Window?

A window replacement pro in Farmington, CT can fix it

Broken windows and doors are more than just inconvenient-they can leave your property vulnerable to intruders. A door or window replacement from Silverline Restoration Inc in Farmington, Connecticut can help you protect your home or business. If you need an interior door or front door replacement, we can handle it. Simply let us know your style, color and material preferences and we'll take care of the rest.

Keep your home or commercial space secure. Get a window or front door replacement from Silverline Restoration in Farmington, Connecticut today.

A new window or door can have a big effect on your space

Why are you replacing your windows or doors? Maybe your door is getting stuck and won't open, or maybe your window has a crack in it. Either way, this gives you the opportunity to add style and personality to your space. You can choose from a variety of window and door options to find a look you love. We can install wood, vinyl or fiberglass windows and multiple styles of doors. Plus, we work with multiple brands to make sure that there's an option for every budget.

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